2nd of the First Astral Moon, 592 F.E. - Fenkira's Log

From the Diary of Fenkira Koh’ren


(January 5th 2018)


Dear Diary,


Today I almost died. At least, I almost fell into an endless pain hole. I’m not sure which, but the good news is, I didn’t find out! We’ll get to that later though.

​I ate breakfast with some of the other adventurers. I saw Norice sitting at the table, and he’s the only person I know here at all so I joined his table. The pancakes here are good, so I’ll stick around. That’s a joke, Diary. Not a good one, but it’s been a long day. I wasn’t alone at the table, either. There was a tiefling named Ana, a half elf named Reme, and a half-orc named Fuleri, who is the best for reasons we’ll get to later. So we introduced ourselves, and then we were joined by a yellow tiefling named Mayor (who is the mayor of the town? Was that always his name?) and hey! Two dragonborn! Well, one and a half dragonborn, if we’re getting technical? The younger one was named Lu Featherhide, and her older brother was named Chandi. Lu’s sweet and a bit of a noodle. Chandi’s a half dragonborn, and he’s a bit of a brooder, but he’s got his reasons. And hey! Chandi’s a Talon! I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one, but it’s nice to meet another. 

​We decided to deal with a group of pirates up the coast who’d given Norice and some others some grief. We geared up and headed out into the forest. After a while, we came across a pack of blight bringers about to devour two people—a pirate and a young boy. We attacked the blight bringers, taking them out with relative ease. Turns out the boy’s a mage, and a mage from Nyphylim—collared and already named, unfortunately. The pirate was named Avi, but before he could tell us any more, someone killed him.

​Okay so this asshole’s name is Bartholomew Devereaux. He only said it thirty goddamn times. We got the sense he wasn’t someone we could’ve easily dealt with. Well, not all of us. Ana and Fuleri sassed him, which was brave, but also got them hurt. He summoned some animated Nyphylim armor, which carried off Avi’s body. “Before it decomposed,” he said. Might be a necromancer. Not sure what Nyphylim’s up to, but I don’t like it. I should write to my dads. Maybe get them over here?

​Well, after the fanciful dick slithered off, we rested for an hour before we went to the pirate ship with the boy. At the ship, we were met by a goblin named Barack Ogoblin. I flashed my old army insignia and played the authoritarian (need to remember to tell everyone I’m sorry for barking at them!). He took me to the captain, but along the way, we passed a rift inside the ship! Seems like trouble waiting to happen, or at the very least a bad idea.

​Probably shouldn’t have lied. Things might have gone better if I’d been honest the whole time?

​I met with the captain, a black dragonborn named Red Legs Prichard. I learned that he A) hunted the Talons of Justice and B) killed Yashidi Featherhide (Lu and Chandi’smom) and C) was a vampire. He offered to turn me into a vampire, at which point I realized there was nothing to be done, said sorry to the big dragon upstairs, and tried to breath fire down his mouth. He ducked out of the way, the bastard, and shot me.

​So we had a big fight. Things went south. I hit him hard, but the two of us almost fell into the rift. As we dangled over it, I saw a horrible giant spider with a person’s face. Ana killed Prichard with magic, and he fell into the rift. The rope holding me broke, and I almost fell into the nightmare hole myself, but then, out of nowhere, Fuleriflies through the air, grabs me, and we sail to safety.

​Fuleri is the best, and I will do everything in my power to befriend her. Want to learn what she likes to eat. The dining hall is good, but food loses something when you’re cooking it for so many people.

​Still. She could’ve died. I could’ve died. We both could’ve died. Can’t help but feel like I could’ve handled everything better beforehand and maybe we would’ve have had to fight that dragonborn. Maybe I could’ve helped him. Maybe I’m being hard on myself.

​I think it’s been a while since I’ve had friends to talk to about this stuff. 

​After the fight, the Featherhides and Mayor showed up. I gave Lu a hug, which she seemed excited about, and I told Chandi that Prichard killed his mother. Chandi was upset that he didn’t get to exact revenge himself, which was hard to hear. He tried to take his anger out on the remaining pirates, but I stopped him. He rummaged around the captain’s quarters and discovered a map. It seems like Yashidi might be alive after all. Her handwriting’s on the map, and the map’s dated after she died, but I don’t know. She might have written the wrong date—by accident or intentionally. Not sure why she would do that, and not sure why I jump to that conclusion. Again, need friends. Not that you aren’t lovely, Diary. You’re a great listener, but I could use someone a bit more conversational.

​I should hit the hay. Hopefully I don’t have to use this sword tomorrow.


dungeon_mama dungeon_mama

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