1st of the First Astral Moon, 592 F.E. - Anna's Log

Meeting in Venture Inn (local gay bar)
Vocan (Hudson) orders a dirty shirley, Norice (Justin) dances to a lute version of poker face 
lou featherhide is who’s setting us on this quest, we meet with her and then the pirates come over and start trouble. so, vocan stabs a pencil through a pirate’s hand which sends us into a fight that we win, and then a clown guy comes in with guards and takes away all the bodies and it’s super weird and freaky
bartender named jillian, in cahoots with clown guy
we then leave and go to the Mayor’s house, and Mayor is great and is kinda drunk
we then decide to fuck up some pirates and that’s where we ended


dungeon_mama dungeon_mama

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