2nd of the First Astral Moon, 592 F.E. - Fuleri's Log

The players: Fuleri, Fenkira, Ana, Norice (spelling?), and Remy


We start out in the dining hall getting to know each other. Ana and Fuleri share a bathroom (and dreams), and Norice and Fenkira are roommates. Lu, her brother Chandi, and Mayor told us about this pirate ship so we were like ok let's go. 


We go through the forest to get to the pirates and we see a bunch of Lightbringers beating down on a magic boy and a pirate, and we decide to try and help bc if we can save the pirate when we infiltrate their ship they might be nice to us. Pirate guy almost dies because one of the lightbringers makes him a snack, but Remy and Fenkira save him. He turns out to be a big jerk and is about to tell us what the pirates' whole deal is, but Bartholomew Devereaux pops up and cuts off his tongue and kills him. He does his whole freaky thing with us (Ana and Fuleri get hurt but Remy heals them later) and then leaves. We keep going to the ship and we bring the boy, who is being sold to the pirates as a slave and he's under some kind of blood magic. 


We get to the ship and we meet Barrack Ogoblin, the goblin who looks like Obama, and takes us to see the captain and Fuleri and Ana have a freaky warlock spell because of the rift below them. Also one of the lightbringers tells Ana and Fuleri that they have been here before, and welcome them as their "sisters." 


Fenkira gets to meet the captain Pritchard, who is also a dragonborn but also a vampire. He tries to convince Fenkira to join him but instead she starts a fight. We do pretty okay (Remy almost dies), but then Fenkira almost falls into the rift with Pritchard but Fuleri saves her in a DOPE ASS ACROBATICS ROLL. Pritchard gets eaten by spiders in the rift and it makes Ana and Fuleri pass out. 


The Featherhides and Mayor show up and we have a lil party on the deck. Chandi and Fenkira talk about how Chandi's mother might be dead but she's not actually because of a map that they found. 


And that's what you missed on Wild Wild West Marches ft. Will Smith!


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